Sunday, September 09, 2007

Balay sa Agta - Bugasok Falls photo trip

Together with my Photo Buddy "Mark S." we agreed to have a photoshoot operation in Argao Cebu Philippines. Target trip is "Balay sa Agta" cave and "Bugasok Falls". Although weve never been there, but we saw its beauty in one of the TV shows promoting Argao as a tourist destination.

Saturday August 18 2007 :

5:00 AM Meeting place, Breakfast at Jolibee Mercado opon.

6:11 AM Arrival at south bus terminal via taxi (P130 fare)
we boarded a Ceres bus for Argao (P66 fare)

6:48 AM We passed by Minglanilla.

6:54 AM we passed by Naga.

7:04 AM San Fernando.

7:17 AM Carcar (bought ampao and chicharon)

7:31 AM Arrival at argao, boarded a tricycle toward
market looking for a habal-habal (P5 fare)

7:40 AM Boarded Habal2x towards Usmad River (P30 fare)

8:00 AM Arrival at Usmad river, now the river trekking
begins, Just follow the river uphill towards
balay sa agta cave.

9:00 AM After and arduous uphil climb to the side of the cliff
we arrived at the mouth of balay sa agta cave. This was
through the help of our guide "mr. Rico" whom we meet
along the way. He was kind enough to guide us through
our journey.

12:00 Noon : We arrived on our second destination, the Bugasok Falls.

2:00 PM Rode a habal2x back to the main argao highway (P75 fare)

3:00 PM Boarded an aircon bus Sunrays (P76 fare) with "tortas" which
argao is very famous of.

"Mouth of "Balay sa Agta cave"

"The inner sanctum of "Balay sa Agta cave"

"The hidden beauty - Bugasok falls"

"The Outlet of Bugasok falls"


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